Dietrich-Schwander Steam Car

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Dear Mr. Woodson

I am writing an article about the steam car developments of De Dietrich
- Schwander (see attachment) and would like to get a picture of a Doble
steam car in high resolution so it can be published in a paper.

Erwin Schwander (not a relative of mine seems to be the man who has
pushed the Doble concept to the edge, but was stopped by the war. He had
ample funds and scientific staff at hand and a weahlty employer who gave
him full support.

While the cars have been destroyed during the war, the full set of
drawings is still available. We gotnow some copies and will analyze them
to check if the design could be useful for further developments of the
idea of fireless steam vehicles.


Andreas Schwander 

Andreas Schwander
Journalist BR
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