Subject: Steamin Downunder 2002
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 11:21:59 +1000
From: "Bruce Humphries" <>
To: "John Woodson" <jw[at]>


I attach a copy of our Tour letterhead.

Planning is going well. The main problem, being the first Australian rally of its type is to dig out all the steam car owners around the country. They tend not to be members of "conventional" car clubs, of if they are, don't mention their steam cars! I have no idea why!

We have found well over 30 cars so far in Australia, ranging from Locomobiles and stanleys covering the whole 30 odd years of production, to some Dobles, Whites, Gardiner-Serpollets, Sentinel, Foden and RansomeSimms&Jeffries steam wagons and a Toledo A. 

Of particular importance will be overseas entries. So far, we have definite intentions from the UK for at least three cars (model R, H5 and model 85) and several US people are expressing interest (including Alan Blazick and Ron Parola). Needless to say, having overseas visitors with their cars will be a real benefit.

The rally will be based at Healesville, about an hour north east of Melbourne in the hills. It will be centerd around a country club and consist of five days of tours around the local area. We probably will have different routes for the bigger cars, and give the really old stuff an easier time on shorter routes. The country is particularly scenic, involving some mountains, a large wine growing area, animal sanctuaries and great food. 

The dates are from Friday 8th March to Thursday 14th March. 

Special arrangements have been made for the temporary impost of cars from overseas, with minimal messing about with bureaucracy. I have prepared briefing papers on vehicle importation and licensing for entrants.

Of particular interest to overseas visitors will be the Australian national one and two cylinder rally being held at Mt Gambier in South Australia from 7th to 13th April 2002. This is a very popular rally, attracting a wide range of one and two cylinder cars.

Steam cars have a special place in the rally! I will be happy to send details of this rally on request.

I suggest that you use me as the principal contact for the steam tour:

Bruce Humphries (event secretary)
Address: 14 Hoyt Street, Hampton, Victoria, Australia, 3188
Phone: 61 3 9598 7278, Fax 61 3 9521 8584
Cell phone 61 407 545 037

Thank you very much for assisting with the promotion for this event. Please let me know if you think other material would be useful. 

Best regards,

Bruce Humphries

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