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Stanley Performance Testing 1917

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Hello John,
Maybe the following photo's are of interest to either the Forum or the section Mystery Photo's.
Recently I bought the original celluloid 4"by 3" negatives of a Power or fuel consumption test with a Stanley.
The Negatives came in the original enveloppe with a hand written Text:
" Test of Stanley Steam Car Univ. of Penna. Mech. Lab. 1917"
also with the negatives came a little piece of paper with one corner torn off on the reverse:
" imprtant Historical notes to Document the negatives"
and on the front :
in pencil the addresse " 8151 Rocky Mtn. Drive Denver, Co 80214 "
and in ballpointseveral notes with arrows between :
Estate sale of Anne Gibson Her house (arrow to the addresse)
Her Relation (arrow to) John Hollenbeck Gibson (arrow pointing from) tiffany Glass can you or your readers fill me in on the test that was done are there any other records of same?
What I can work out is a Stanley put on blocks with the right rear wheel driving a generator. the power of this generator is dissipated in a series of resistor grids through a number od controlleres os switches. further i recognise an instrument with a cilindrical vessel this could be a fuel metering balance/scale. I would be interested if the type of Sanley on test wout be recognised as one of the negatives has a pencil written date of 1909 on it.

Regards and thanks for the wonderful website.
Arnoud Carp
Heuvellaan 5,
1217 JL Hilversum,

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