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Dear Loren,
It is wonderful to see your Stanley back on the road again. Really! And in the movies too. We will pass the word around on the movie and we will be looking forward to seeing the movie "Seabiscuit".

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From: Loren Burch
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 8:11 AM
Subject: SEABISCUIT!!!


Thanks for the info on boilers. There's a new movie comming out this year called Seabiscuit and the model 70 is in it!! This show is about the race horse Seabiscuit, the first horse to win the triple crown in the 1930's. The 0wner Charles Howard, was in the bicycle business until he had a chance encounter with a Stanley Steamer which caused him to enter the automobile business and become a Buick dealer! The scene was shot in Long Beach on a city street in front of an old Packard

Jeff Bridges plays the lead and is a really nice person, on the other hand Gary Ross is the director and is pretty much of a jerk since his dialog regarding the Stanley is really screwed up and he refused to change a few words so that it would make sence, since he was the one who wrote it! He had writen that it was a Morgan steamer but he reluctantly changed that word to Stanley since it said Stanley right on the hood!!! Here are the pics, It was filmed on Feb 10. 

Best Regards, Loren