The Farrell Museum

Pat and Merrily Farrell,  Sedro-Woolley, WA.

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1911 Stanley 7 passenger 30 hp model 85. 
Shown at the "Blast From the Past" car show in Sedro-Woolley, WA on June 5th and it got a best in class trophy.

A Handsome Pair

1911 model 85's of Rob Williams on left and Pat Farrell on Right.  The photo was taken by me at Stanley Idaho on the 2010 "Ride the Sawtooths" tour.   I am very proud of our model 85 as to its historical accuracy  for 1911. All the way through on our Stanley: tire sizes, colors, pin striping, upholstery, nickel plating etc. are spot on for 1911 Stanleys.  It was our model 85's first long  tour and it performed flawlessly.  Up until then it had never toured any further than 10 miles at a time.  It has since then made a couple of longer tours without fail.


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We had a Northwest Steam Society meet at our home on Saturday , October 10th, 2009.  To assist in the fun and excitement, from our Museum we brought out our five Stanleys.  From left to right: 1909 Stanley R, 1911 Stanley Model 85, 1914 Stanley model 606, 1916 Stanley model 826 Mountain Wagon, and our 1922 Stanley 735 B    Out of over 100 people attending, most all of them went for a ride in the 12 passenger  Mountain Wagon, and it was about full in every trip around the neighborhood.















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