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         White- Steamer model OO    

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  1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon  1910 Model 60 - SOLD 

1899 Marlboro Steam Stanhope 1902 Toledo 1904 White Type E Rear Entry 1923 Stanley TouringStanley Steamer for sale - 1922 Roadster







The main reason for this email is to let you know the Foundry made an error and sent me four sets of castings for the boiler water level assemblies.  I believe you purchased one or two of these casting some time ago.  The price is $70 for the pair plus shipping.  Let me know or pass the word to anyone who is interested.  Another person ordered a set so I have three sets remaining!

A picture of the gauge is attached.  I also changed the pattern so the top and bottom boiler connections are at an angle.

I have the rear axle and engine mounted on a stand ( see pictured) as I cut and form the sheet copper to fit.  Slow task!

Additionally:  I have lots of parts for the small 3 inch bore engines that I have collected.  There is no point in having these in boxes so I would like to make them available to other Stanley folks.  Any suggestions?






~ For Sale ~
1910 Stanley Model 71 - 20 HP



Restored  about 7 years ago and steamed regularly. 
Correct non-condensing engine converted to bronze crosshead guides instead of the ball bearings.  Hard chromed piston rods.
Correct gearing, 48-60 ratio. 
Correct lights professionally polished and clear coated. 
Original gauges. 
Two-fuel system with pilot tank. 
Wire wound boiler by Alan Kelso. 
Penberthy reflex water gauge.
Original pumps, fuel and steam automatics.
Mostly new valves from Goold. 
All correct new fittings from Art Hart. 
36" X 3 1/2" clincher tires on original 29 inch lock ring wheels. 
Very nice black leather upholstery. 
Nice top with roll-down windshield. 

I was told this car's running gear came from a car discovered in Colorado many years ago by Wayne Leonard.  The new body was made by Loren Burch perhaps 12 years ago.  Nicely sorted out and ready to tour.  More photos available.

Greg Johnson
Lakeside, California



- For Sale -
1924 Stanley Five Passenger Touring Car
 Model 750, Serial: 24-039,
asking $120,000 obo.


The Stanley Motor Carriage Co. (1902-1924) produced several thousand steam automobiles culminating in the 1924 design, although Stanley's can be found with 1925 and 1926 serial numbers. This Stanley was acquired, 4/7/73, by Bob Noble as he has wonderfully described in his article, "Picking Up a Stanley" to be found in "The Steam Automobile", Vol. 15, No. 4 (1973).  It is believed that the first owner was M.D. Hopper, who sold it to George Gleichweit in 1966, from whom Bob Noble acquired it. There is documentation of some service work by Pacific Steam Motors Corp., San Francisco, in 1927. A Cruban Burner was installed in 1930.

On Bob Noble's death in 2007, restoration was completed by his family. Enquiries:
contact Dave Bixler,
Victorville, CA or (760) 486-9087



For Sale

Stanley Model 71 project

This is a constucted 1911 Model 71 Stanley. This car is as an accurate reconstruction of an original, in dimension, material and method as you will find this side of 1911. The body was copied from an original un-restored car and made of steam bent Ash and Poplar in the same method as the original. The kit is about 95 % complete and largely preassembled.
Email questions

Home phone 760 446 2427


For Sale [reduced]

A new 26", 30hp, Stanley boiler.  I had this made for a project then changed my mind
Hydrostat tested to 1000 psi.   Asking $6000 $5000  plus shipping from Ca.

Ed Cooksey



~ For Sale ~

1920 Stanley Steamer For Sale
Model 735-B   7 Passenger Touring

1920 Stanley Steamer For Sale - 735-B Touring - 7 passenger 1920 Stanley Steamer Touring Car For Sale

Chassis number 20037
New boiler installed in 2009, with newly rebuilt engine, feed water heater, and oil separator.  The car has 4 wheel mechanical brakes, the front brakes are aftermarket.  The car steams well, and has undergone a full restoration, started in 1958.  This Stanley is very unusual as it has a fabric covered aluminum body installed at the factory.  All seats have been redone, with new top and top bows. Asking/offers.  Please call Francis Guldenbrien at 707-644-2638

   or e-mail at







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This is an original car that is in the process of being rebodied / restored.  This car was sold by the dealership that F. O. Stanley started in Denver, Colorado.  The serial number of the car is 4471 and the serial number of the engine is 1936.  Included with the car is a dealer plaque stating (SOLD BY THE STANLEY MOTOR CARRIAGE CO. DENVER, COLO); to my knowledge this is the only one ever seen.

 When purchased the body of the car was virtually gone.  Dimensions were taken from another original 1909 E2 Stanley to build the new body.  The frame is all ash and the body is finished with Finnish birch plywood.  The body is complete including a new seat all needing only filling, sanding and painting. The steering quadrant has E2 stamped on it to verify it is an E2.   I also have the original hood which will need to be restored.   The original car must have had the rear open seat as I have the lower metal rail that was used on that type of seat.  This 1909 E2 Stanley is the same 1909 E2 Stanley that was featured by the printing of a USA 12 cent stamp in 1985.

 Virtually every metal part that made up the original car came with the car when I purchased it, including pumps, fuel & steam automatics, three tube indicator body etc.  However, some of the parts will have to be rebuilt.  All 4 wheels 3x30 are new, having been made by Bill Calimer and I have new 4 tires and tubes.  While the head lights, side lights and gauges had been removed I have replacements including a dash never-out-light.

I have complete drawings, sketches and pictures to build and complete the entire car.    These include but not limited to plans for building the frame, a side profile of the car, seat plans, pump pit layout, front and rear floorboard layout, dash layout, location of lights and everything else one might need to finish the car.

 For further details and pictures call me,
Ron Hardwig, at 309-310-3313
or email me at



For Sale

1909 Stanley Model R Body/Frame



1909 Model R Roadster

New Frame and Body Assembly FOR SALE

Complete and ready for delivery, no wait for this one!



Custom crafted by Midwest Coach & Carriage Works


An unusual opportunity…normally built to order only.  Originally started last fall as a production show car for Hershey, our Vanderbilt Cup Racer development and construction took top priority and we missed the show.  This body was just finished in late April and can be in your shop immediately.


Professionally hand-crafted from the finest premium grade white ash and birch available.   Fully researched and historically authentic.   Jig-built laser-aligned frame, fine furniture-grade construction and joinery, built strong and true for touring use. 


Comes with dimensionally correct twin-bucket seat, rear “mother-in-law” seat, all interior floorboards.  Full marine-grade epoxy coating on all surfaces, inside and out.  Block-sanded fine, fair, true, and ready for primer prep.


Priced fairly and firmly, by quotation only.


Contact us for more details and photo package!  One only, so don’t wait too long!  Ask us for delivery options, crating services, etc.  Wood accessories available such as other original rear-seat configurations, perch poles, etc.



 Midwest Coach & Carriage Works,  
 P.O. Box 459
, Richland, MI 49083-0459

       Phone (269) 629-4748 or e-mail us at



For Sale
1910 Stanley Model 60



~ Click photo to enlarge ~


1910 Stanley Model 60, serial #5148.  A remarkable opportunity to acquire
an original unrestored Stanley with an outstanding history.  This car was
located by renowned 1940s Stanley hunter Mervin Allatt.  He did not restore
the car, and kept it until close to the end of his life, when it was one of
the final 3 cars he sold.  It later highlighted the first Stanley Museum
auction.  Owners after Allatt have not made any changes to the car.

All body and trim complete and usable, except original windshield board
broken.  Seat back torn.  Seat cushions missing, replacement springs
included.  Seat cushion in photo is not included.  Mechanically complete.

This car is a real time capsule, a true 1940s barn find that has been
carefully preserved to the present day.  It its present state it has
significant value to the Stanley community as a record of historical
accuracy.  With attention to mechanicals, it would be a one-of-a-kind
candidate for AACA's HPOF certification.

$120,000  231-386-5049
- Mike May



For Sale
1905 Stanley Model E Light Delivery

~ Click photos to enlarge ~


I've decided to sell my 1905 Stanley Model E  Moxie light delivery.  The car was restored over a 2 year period.  It was recently shown at the Krasl Art Center Concourse where it won its class, trophy will be included.  We've driven the car about a hundred miles, including the Moxie parade in Lisbon Maine where it was a big hit. Interested persons can contact me for more information and photos.  
We can demonstrate the car on short notice, weather permitting. Price $190,000.00.

Call Constance Stanley or Robert J. Boudeman at 269-629-3110 or



Wanted for Locomobile

Air Gauge & Steam Gauge

Michel Beuvens (Belgium)



For Sale

1918 Stanley 735B V-Nose

~ click to enlarge ~

 Listed on the Stanley Register Chassis Number 18089. We believe this car to be one of the most complete original cars on the market today. The only missing parts that we know of are the top, the top wooden bows and 3 of the wheel hub center plates. The car does steam and is in drivable condition. It has not been modified, except that the condenser has been disconnected since we have owned it. We really don't know what price to ask for the car, but will sell it for a fair and reasonable price. All offers will be considered. For more information or detailed pictures please contact me at




~ For Sale ~

80+ surplus steam car parts for sale, engines, gauges, valves, automatics, burners and original literature, sold as a lot, 10% off recent auction prices, keep what you want and sell the rest at the next auction! Contact or send self addressed stamped envelope for a listing to Don Eckel, 451 Route 57 West, Washington, NJ 07882



~  For Sale ~

1922 Stanley Model 740B 7 passenger


Originally owned by Robert Lyons. New 30 hp boiler installed, all stainless steel fittings, drilled cruban burner (not on car) with two Coleman pilot lights, Gould oil separator, 740 piston valve engine, recently converted to hydraulic brakes by Bob Barrett, rear wheels rebuilt to be true by Calimer's Wheel Shop. Running condition.
$80k OBO
Contact: Don Eckel

or 908-689-1397 (leave message)





For Sale: 

Reproduction Stanley Steamer 20 H.P. Wheel Hub bolts faithfully reproduced from an original wheel hub bolt, supplied by Mr. Thomas Marshall Jr.

Large carriage head (less square shoulder) as per original dimensions are American Inch

diameter: 7/16", threads: 14, length: 2 3/4" 

 $6.00 US Each plus shipping
Selling in packages of 6 bolts only. Will need to purchase 4 packages for a complete set of wheels.

 * 2 3/4 bolt length will accommodate either early and later 20 H.P. Stanleys

 Will be available for purchase at Hershey Swap Meet. Vendor spaces RWN 28-29 directly across from Horseless Carriage Tent 

 Send payment Via Check or Money Order to:
Michael Bernard
7755 Briarwood Court
Canfield, Ohio 44406  U.S.A. 

 telephone USA: 330 774 8060    email: modeltmichael@yahoo





~ For Sale ~

 6 bell chime steam whistle for sale - click to enlarge

Brass Steam Whistles

3 1/2 in. diameter
18 in. long
1 in dia. bells
$439 ea.

Call Rick for info:
800-917-1993   Ext. 1


 CNC Machined
Click to image enlarge


Link to the original whistle design







WANTED:  For 1925 SV

Siphon Valve and Single Venturi Burner.
And Anything Related to Cars Made By:
The Steam Vehicle Corporation of America Stanley Division
Particularly photos, parts, information, etc.

Donald Hoke
Dallas, TX
(972) 661-9672





Wanted for a 1918 Stanley 735 B a complete top, or just the frame or only the "pair" of top irons, to finish the restoration of my car. I can assist in identifying as I do have dimensions and pictures.

I have the remains of a top that could possibly be from a 5 seater Stanley 735 body but I would need dimensions to be able to give positive identification.

Arnoud Carp e-mail

Steam Man Inc.   Alan Kelso's Steam Car Parts and Repairs - Pennsylvania

Vintage Steam Products ~ Fine reproductions and machine work ~


  • Stainless steel Besler smoke generator coil in good condition or at least repairable for use in an experimental monotube generator

  • Byran engine block- I have a Bryan engine with a block that is cracked beyond repair

Chuk Williams





Water Tank level gauge for condensing Stanley (1918 735)

Contact Eric Gleason

            PO Box 1065

            The Dalles, Oregon 97058


            (541) 296-1802


~For Sale~
Piston Valve Cylinder Blocks
 Fit Type 7 (20 hp.) Stanley Engines.

David K. Nergaard, in association with other members of the North East Chapter of the Steam Automobile Club of America, has undertaken to produce at least ten inside admission piston valve cylinder blocks designed to fit on and use the pistons and cylinder heads of the type 7 Stanley engine. The expected cost of the unmachined castings is seven hundred dollars (US) each in this first run. At this time the buyer would have to fabricate the following parts to change over:

  ~ the valve cylinder liners,
  ~ piston valves, valve rods,
  ~ stuffing boxes,
  ~ and exhaust manifold. 

The cost of a complete package, with valves and other parts fitted, ready for installation is being investigated. As this block has inside admission valves, he would have to reverse the eccentrics 180 degrees. Prospective buyers should contact Mr. Nergaard immediately if they are interested this first offering.

David K. Nergaard 
367 King Street
Littleton, Mass., 01460-1248 (USA)
Phone: 978-486-9695 (let it ring!) E-mail:

Also see the topic in SteamCars forum  


  ~ Trade/Wanted ~

I have two 20 horse axle shafts for earlier condenser cars, they have square
shaft ends, does anyone want to trade for two round end axles?
Thanks, Ron Parola....




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