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Gustave Whitehead's Flying Machine


Two years, four months and three days before the successful flights of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, a birdlike monoplane took to the air at early dawn on August 14, 1901, near Bridgeport, Connecticut, carrying its inventor and builder, Gustave Whitehead, a distance of approximately a half mile.  ...So reported the Bridgeport Herald, the New York Herald and the Boston Transcript

Later on  the same day, Whitehead and his power driven plane are reported to have made three other flights...

Did Whitehead really beat the Wright brothers?  Did other pre-Wright inventors fly first?  Many refuse to even entertain the notion that the Wrights were not the first and the best - but there is growing evidence that in fact, that may not be the case at all.  This page is meant to be as complete as possible, a resource for those interested in aviation history and the legacy of Gustave Whitehead.

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