1911 Stanley
Model 72  20 hp

Ken Hand


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Texaco Ad
from 1982
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Tour Book Cover
By Allen Blazick

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This is a 1911 Model 72 20 HP Roadster.   Stanley built 25 of the 20 HP cars each year from 1911 to 1914.   This 1911, one 1913 and one 1914 are all that are left from that run.   

In 1911, the first of 25 left the factory on March 15, and the last one was built on June 27th.   This car left the factory on June 28th, 1911, so probably was the last 1911 produced. 



  The only picture of an original Model 72 known to exist. 
This car was owned by Homer Kruntz, who was Clarence Marshall's bookkeeper. -  Ken Hand




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