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1899 Hart Steamer
Jeff Theobald

1899 Hart Steamer - Jeff Theobald  Lomcomobile - Hart --- size comparison  

Hi John,
In between finishing the Serpollet I have managed to buy the 1899 Hart Steam Car that I was asking about on the Forum, I thought you would like a picture of the car with yours truly on board, to give an idea of how large the car is, I am looking forward to getting it in steam, and will be carrying out a sympathetic restoration as soon as possible, all the best, Jeff.

herringbone final drive, and an axle gear  final drive gearcase


Hi John,
Here are some pictures of the workings of the Hart's drive arrangements.
The first is of the double helical gears, lying on the ground is one of the diff main drive gears.......

mile-meter.jpg (26266 bytes)

Yes you are correct, but you are the first person to name them as I did when I first saw them, but I found that when trying to describe them most people looked at me a bit sideways when I described them as herringbone, and as you say the main reason for going to so much machining trouble was to get all the engine power through.

The other interesting thing I found today, was when cleaning the Mile Meter, (Note the mileage at
201&5/8), I found inside the name "Veeder" made by the Veeder Mfg Co, Hartford, Conn, U.S.A. M.34 and
dated Oct. 22. 1895, so yet another small clue to it's date of making, Jeff.

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