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Don Hoke



Just a note to say Hello and bring you up to date on the Stanley Restoration.  The BettyAnne is coming along well - more slowly than I thought, but clearing making progress.
My little machine shop finished the three new shackle pins and put in some new bearings on springs and spring hangers.  The two front springs are in place - yes, she is actually beginning to go back together!  Tomorrow I'll take three large and very greasy items to Trinity Castings where they will be degreased.  Later in the week, I'll take some of the larger parts to a brake shop that has a media blasting operation.  I am setting up a lot of parts to do a major application of primer paint in the next week or so.
Today the engines came back from Herb Kephart.  At least I think the engines came back.  I have not opened the crates yet.  They came  back in the same crates I sent them, and the crates appear to have been opened, so I hope Herb actually did something to the engines.  Unhappily, we ran a little short of cash to pay Herb, so we have sent our daughter, CJ, to Pennsylvania as an indentured servant for the next seven years.  She will start by sweeping Herb's shop, but I have no doubt that she will be an excellent machinist by the time she is 23.  This also saves on private school tuition.
I spent the day cleaning the remaining spring hangers and they are ready for primer.  I got re-acquainted with the bead blaster and the carburetor cleaner today.  I am almost ready to reassemble the front end.  The brakes have been done for some time now.  The wheels are at Calimers and should be done in a few months.
I have a lead on a 23" Empire Burner - we'll see how that pans out in the next week or so.  If that deal happens (or does not happen!), I'll make final boiler decisions.  Marvin's 1925 Stanley has a boiler ring - he sent drawings and measurements.  Walter's 1925 Stanley does not have a boiler ring.  My car does not have a boiler ring.  Marvin's frame and my frame are the same - tapered toward the front.  Walter's frame is not tapered toward the front.
The more I learn, the more I think these guys were slapping together anything they could get running to get it out of the Stanley factory in 1925.
Thanks to Walter, I am now 100% certain about tire size.  Coker has them and we will make that purchase in a few weeks.  Should I get white walls?
I finally got the bezel off the duplex gauge on the dash board.  I finally cut a grove in the edge of the bezel with a Dreml Tool and used a cold chisel to tap it off.  It was out of round and had glass shards in the threads.  There was no way I was ever going to get a grip on it to turn it off.
The glass is useable and I have a spare bezel off a junk gauge I found a year ago.  It fit perfectly and is an identical match.  You can never have too many parts!  I hated damaging an original part of the car, but no one will ever know when they see the finished car.  Who is a good plating house for gauge housings and bezels?
Yesterday I bought boiled linseed oil and pure turpentine to make British Museum Furniture Polish.  I'll use this on the dash board wood and the large block of oak that sits behind the fire wall.  This will clean the wood and give it a bit of life.  This stuff is used on the finest antique clocks and furniture.  I'll probably use in on the body as well.
I found a Steward speedometer cable at the Chickasha, OK car show.  It is 55" long, which I think is long enough to get from the pump pit to the speedometer.  Mine was missing, so I have no measurement.  Yes, the speedometer cable comes from the generator in the pump pit on the Model SV.
Any recommendations on the best speedometer re-builder out there?  Who do you recommend to rebuild gauges?  John Packard has the valves and automatics, but I don't think he does gauges.  I hope John will have finished these parts in time to bring them to Delaware in June.
Speaking of Delaware in June, I've scheduled a day (Saturday) to go to Allentown and meet with Tom Raub to talk about SV production in Allentown.  I think he has some paper I have not yet seen.
I am compiling a list of the casting numbers on the SV.  Most of them start with a "V." 
That is most of the news from Dallas.  The BettyAnne II (the Model 750) is basting in Kroil.  I found a spare clock for it but am still looking for front wheels, rims, a generator, and a water tank - among other things.  Nothing is going to happen to The BettyAnne II until her sister, The BettyAnne is finished.
Best wishes!
Don Hoke



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I accidentally bought a Model 750 a few weeks ago, so the garage is very crowded!

I thought a three car garage was more space than I would ever need!  The frame and springs and front axels are supposed to be coming back from the sand blaster any day now.
No kidding, someone found out I was interested in Stanleys and he had a friend whose grandfather's car sat outside for 56 years.  It has a 1950 Texas license plate.  It needs some work!  It is safely inside now and next month, my daughter will begin to spray it with KROIL, an industrial grade penetrating oil.


Best Wishes!
Don Hoke

I'm interested in steam car parts & literature.
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