Here is Puff
1907 Stanley Model EX

Kobus and Ali van Jaarsveld
Johannesburg S.A.

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Subject:  EX
Date:   Sun, 30 Jun 2002 22:49:51 +0200
From:  "Kobus van Jaarsveld" <>
To:   "John Woodson" <jw[at]>

Dear John

All is well here and we are mainly busy with cars, art, farming and travel.  I have done a lot of work on various cars and the 735 is going like a Boeing. The engine rebuild of the EX is progressing slowly but we are getting there. 

I took the EX out of the workshop yesterday for the purpose of taking some photos.  I attach some.  Will send others once engine is in and it looks more like a complete car.

Thanks for the wonderful things you do for us and our cars.

Very best regards,    Kobus

Puff Complete

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Dear John,

We haven't been in direct contact for some time. The big news here is that all the hurdles and unexpected difficulties encountered while restoring our 1907 EX (Puff) are now behind us that it is up and running very well indeed. It is a great pleasure to drive and I still cannot believe how well the car goes! Also, we are spoilt beyond words by now having two sweetly running Stanleys.

I attach some pictures of the completed and running car, they supersede most of the other pictures I have sent you in the past.

We trust you are well and we send our very best regards,



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