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Dear John,  enclosed please find the photos of an engine we have in our
collection but which we cannot identify. Perhaps you can help together with
your viewers.

Well the little engine is to be described as, a two cylinder, high pressure
piston valved engine. Piston valve in between the cylinders. Reversing lever
by way of a cock valve on side of the cylinder. Mechanical driven oil pump
from eccentric on crankshaft. No truthfully letters or leads to
identification of the engines origin.

Perhaps it has been a car engine after all?

yours  Tore Blom

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Per Nielsen

Pieter Hansma
I have included a picture I found on the net of a
sample of the second version of the steam truck
developed by Henschel und Sohn in Kassel, Germany and
the Doble brothers in the 1930's. 
Met vriendelijke groet,
Pieter Hansma



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Per Nielsen

As a follow up on the 'mystery photo', here are the rest of the photos on glass dias, found together with the photos of the Stanley assembly factory and the Mathiesen & Ernst adverticement.

RoskildeKro.jpg (50811 bytes) Skibsmotor.jpg (35650 bytes) Kedel.jpg (33604 bytes)

ROSKILDE KRO: A condensing Stanley in front of the Inn in Roskilde (not far from Copenhagen). The name "Roskilde Kro" is over the entrance to the building. The Copenhagen licenceplate reads K16 or K76. The owner off K16 was Aage Mathiesen, Gl. Kongevej 1C, acording to the numberbook of 1917. Is it the same Mathiesen that deals Stanleys a few years later? The owner of the other number, K76, was Hagen J°rgensen acording to the numberbook of 1919. The deadline for the numberbooks was july. The numberbooks have only licenceplatenumber, name and adress, not the car. By identifying the year of this Stanley, perhaps the owner can be identifyed.

SKIBSMOTOR: Can you identify this steam engine.

KEDEL: Can you identify this boiler?

DaimlerV2.jpg (50533 bytes) Montagehal.jpg (33175 bytes) Lastbil.jpg (25354 bytes) Motor.jpg (41543 bytes) 

DAIMLER V2: A photo of a drawing or perhaps a print from a book. The drawing is clearly a Daimler. The way the valves are moved is unique for the Daimler construction.

MONTAGEHAL: A photo of a danish car assembly shop. The sign on the wall reads: "Tobaksrygning er forbudt" translated: Smoking of tobaco is not allowed. It is not possible for me to read the letters or numbers on the casing below the fan. The valve house is caracteristic. Can you identify the car?

LASTBIL: Is a condenser mounted in front of this truck? Could it be a Henchel?

MOTOR: A steam engine and boiler for a ship. Can you Identify it?


ad-sm.JPG (124856 bytes) The add is perhaps from 1922. It reads:
and you will always avoid sooted sparkplugs, clutch and gearshifts, Magnet- and carbuerator disturbance, Carbon Dioxide poisoning, annoying motor vibrations
Dealer address, telephone number and Dealer Demand a demonstration

The add was shown before the movie in a Danish movie-theater.

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Phorum Discussion Thread  on this photo

factory-layout.jpg (157362 bytes)

Click thumbnail to enlarge a diagram of the 
possible layout of cars in the photo.


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