1903 Long Wheelbase Locomobile
Per Nielsen



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This model was built as the Locomobile Company was changing to internal explosion engines. The specifications give you the impression of a potent runabout compared to the standard style no. 2 also sold in 1903.

   Wheel base is 75
   Boiler is 16
   Fuel tank capacity 14 gallon
   Water tank capacity 32 gallon
   The normal 2"x3" bore-stoke machine, late version with reinforced cylinder for higher pressure.
   The model came with oil pump instead of the normal displacement lubricator.
   More feed water heater capacity.
   Steam super heater
   Steam pumps for both water and air pressure

I bought the car in the state shown on the photos. Well done, but a few minor mistakes. Some parts are not restored, like the burner, the boiler and all pluming. I want to get it back to as original as possible. Most of the parts are there. One of the difficult parts I am missing is the two steam pumps for water and air. Let me know if you have parts, photos or drawings.

Per Nielsen, Denmark 




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