Road Locomotive

Mark Phillips - Frederick, MD.


This is my road locomotive.  It was built in 1958 by Fred and Sam Paul of Frankfort, IN.  Originally it was known as the PC&O which stood for Paul Coal and Oil (the company owned and operated by Fred and Sam Paul).  This engine frequently operated in Indiana.  After almost 50 years of service, Sam Paul sold it in operating condition to Matt Leininger of Tipton, IN, who also operated it at antique tractor and engine shows.  In 2007, the engine was again for sale, and this time was purchased by myself.  The engine is still operational and has been inspected for and operates in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well as still operating in Indiana.

The chasis is a 1950 Ford truck chassis.  The boiler is an ASME code welded boiler made just for this rig.  The boiler is rated for 150#.  The steam goes from the boiler to a double cylinder steam engine made around 1900 - 1905 by the American Steam Hoist co.  On the shaft of the engine is a chain sprocket and chain which goes down to a 90 degree gearbox  under the engine.  From there, the drive shaft from the gearbox goes back to the trucks original 4 speed transmission and from there back to the rear differential.  The engine has hydraulic brakes.  Top speed is about 20 mph.  Dry weight is 5 1/2 tons.  It burns coal, wood and money.

Mark Phillips
Frederick, MD

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