2002 Western National Steam Car 
Monroe, Washington


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Sept 22-26 Western National Steam Car Tour - Monroe Washington. This will be a SACA national sanctioned event, and it will be open to all currently licensed, insured and road worthy steam cars. This four day driving "hub" tour will be a scenic steam car tour open to all people with steam interests.
Contact Pat at 360-856-1294 .

'HOT FOG' Tour registration form

Steam Automobile Club of America, NW Chapter
2002 Western National Steam Car Tour
Monroe, Washington
September 22-26, 2002

Dear Steam Car enthusiasts,
Our BI-Annual Western National Steam Car tour is being hosted in 2002 by the Northwest Chapter of the Steam Automobile Club. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites will be our headquarters in the town of
Monroe, Washington. They are located at 19103 Hwy. 2 in Monroe.

Our itinerary so far:

September 22, 2002 Sunday. Short warm up tour. “Firing up Banquet” at 7 P.M. in the evening

September 23, 2002 Monday. 75 miles. SOUTH Snoqualmie Falls tour. Hydro Plant, Rail road museum.

September 24, 2002 Tuesday. 40 miles. EAST Index tour. Mining town, salmon hatchery, museum stops.

September 25, 2002 Wednesday. 75 miles. NORTH Granite Falls tour. Museum Stop, Railroad history, Ice Caves.

September 26, 2002 Thursday. 40 miles. WEST Snohomish tour. Visit Washington State’s antique capital, shop and lunch in the town, antique engine display, “Blow down Banquet” in evening.

More information to follow as our tour plans solidify.

Pat Farrell, 360-856-1294

Subject: Hot Fog Steam Car Tour
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 18:05:00 -0800
From: "Robert Pat Farrell" <farrelrp@gte.net>

Dear Steam Car Folks,

Our world class steam car tour just ten months away. Located in Monroe, Washington, we will be steaming for four full days on the less traveled back roads and valleys, through the alpine Cascade foot hills. With plenty of water available, we will see autumn colors and have the experience of: Hot Fog~~~*~**2002

You would think the gloom of a world recession and the Taliban terrorists at our back doors would slow you folks down. But no! There is no better display of enthusiasm shown, than with our steam car owners and SACA members. It has been a race to see who would be the first one to get the coveted number one registration number. Frank Hix has been asking for a registration form since August and I e-mailed one off as soon as I had it done, as I also did with everyone else. Going by the Postal cancellations on their letters, Channell Wasson beat Frank out by one day!

Way to go Channell! He is Hot Fog number one! Frank Hix and 5 passengers are Hot Fog number two!

By the way, that makes two condensing Stanleys. There will be: How many Whites? How many Noncondensing Stanleys
? How many Locomobiles? Which team will win for the most show? This competition is good. Keep it up.

Check out the attached registration form. Keep in touch!


Subject: RE: "Hot Fog" Tour
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 20:09:33 -0800
From: "Robert Pat Farrell" <farrelrp@gte.net>

Dear Tom,
It looks like this "Hot Fog" 2002 steam car tour may eclipse any West coast our that we have had yet. The enthusiasm and promises that have been shown, indicate that we will have many cars attending from the East coast too. Check out the recent e-mail from the Stanley Museum.

They wrote: 

"Hi, Pat!
I plan to come too, with the Martin Model R, of course. You’re welcome to save #13 for me — it’s my lucky


Make you room reservations early. There is a sister motel within 800 feet of this one that will take the over flow but they will not have our dirt cheap room rates.

It will be a new experience for us in that this is the first time in 40 years that SACA, Inc is sponsoring this event and we will have many new faces. Over the past 15 years, only HCCA has been our sponsor.
The last time that SACA,Inc was our sponsor was a Northwest tour in about 1962 when Dean Spencer was our SACA,NW  chapter president.