2006 St. Helens Steam Meet
by Pat Farrell

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  The 2006 St. Helens Steam Meet is now history.  4 steam cars, 1 steam motorcycle, 1 steam tractor and about 28 steam boats attended this North West Steam Society event.  Tom Kimmel, president of SACA from Michigan attended the event and our SACANW business meeting had 13 people present.  The same officers as 2005 were again reseated for the following year. 

The steam ship Portland was the largest steamer attending.  It's 2 cylinders have a piston stroke of 9 feet with a bore of 26 inches. About 30,000 people attended the event and we were all at bit overwhelmed. Eric Gleason's 1918 Stanley performed excellent as did also Hilber's 1900 Locomobile and our 1916 Stanley Mt. Wagon.  Rides were given to many interested people. 

We all wish to thank Myles and Valerie for putting together this excellent event.

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