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    by Roger McGuire        

Roger steaming along at Hot Fog Steam Car Tour 2002

I   got the bike running on steam today. The new engine is much more powerful, smother, and quieter. But it takes more steam. I can only maintain 40 pounds pressure. It needs 100 minimum. It is not as fast as the old engine, but it is much more powerful. And with four power pulses per revolution, it is self starting and does not stall when climbing hills. I went powering up the driveway and could not stop (no breaks or throttle yet) and smashed into the grinding table at full throttle. Stuff went flying everywhere amongst a shower of water, what a mess. I did not expect it to go up so fast. I also thought I could stop it with my feet.

        The burner that is on it is a minimal design. I have lots of room to increase it. It is now very miserly with
fuel, it will run all day on one filling. After I make the new burner it is going to be a fuel hog. It will need liquid propane. I might even need to go to kerosene.

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Burner refit - 3/01

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Thu, 05 Aug 1999 22:04:21 -0700
Roger McGuire <steamcar@metro.net>
To:  John Woodson <jw[at]stanleysteamers.com>

Got the bike running today, took two days to repair the damage, went
around the block a couple times. The regulator won't regulate, the
safety is stuck, the pump works on 1 side only, no throttle, no brakes,
no foot rest, no top on the water tank, and so much work I can't spend
any more time on it. The changes to the plumbing are great, it is really
nice to be able to turn the main burner and water bypass on and off from
the handle bars.

Did Roger Really Find This at the Dump?




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