Steamer Tahoe - Model Engineering

Subject: Steamship model
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 02:18:19 EST
To: jw[at]

Since you are looking for steam stories I will fill you in on a project I am 
researching. The steamer Tahoe operated on Lake Tahoe from 1896 to about 
1930. All plans for the ship were destroyed "to prevent lawsuits," except 
for one sheet of 1/4" scale port side view and two top deck views.

I am researching photographs to develop a 1" scale model of the Tahoe, steam 
powered and radio controlled. This "model" will be 14 feet long and 18 
inches wide. I am a woodworker, but not a machinist. The only source of the 
engine I plan to use is a casting set. I am looking for someone willing to 
do the machine work for a rate I can afford, and information from anyone who 
might have used steam power in a model boat.

Best regards to your club,

Fred L. Turner