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Fran will be greatly missed.  He was our mentor when we first got into
steam with our Stanley 606 roadster. Back then, to learn everything that we
could about our  606, Merrily and I spent a couple of different week ends
with Fran  and Betty.  With Fran's guidance, his 606 roadster taught us a

    The attached photo I took of Fran and his 1900 Locomobile at a
California tour years ago.

Fran and Betty Duveneck lived at Monterey, California.   December 2009, Fran was 93 years old at the time of his passing. His wife Betty, had recently preceded Fran in death.  Fran's father originally was a Stanley dealer in the Bay area.  Fran's steam car of choice was his 1914 Stanley model 606 that his Father had taken in on trade for a new condensing Stanley.  Fran had driven this same Stanley since his high school years and now the 606 is presently with Fran's son, "Peter". 



Fran Duveneck - Monterey, Ca.




It is with great sadness that I am reporting to you about our loss of Mike Simpson.   Mike and his wife Sarah have lived in Hood, California for many years. Nick Howell told me that Mike passed away Tuesday, April 21, 2009 from Cancer.  You will remember Mike for his fantastic 1909 Stanley Model R roadster that he restored.  He was very instrumental with me on my goal to build up not only a 1911 model 85 Stanley, but also a 1909 model R.  He said to me, "nothing to it, you just take it one step at a time, and the Stanley will soon get done".  Mike knew very well how it was done, he not only built up his model R Stanley but also built up a 1910 Model 71 Stanley touring that he had campaigned at several tours.  He will be greatly missed.


Mike Simpson - Hood, CA.




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