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Mark Cantor, Allen and Janette Blazick visit the Jay Leno Garage, and ride in Doble E-18



Mark Cantor  w/steamers in the Jay Leno Garage Doble E-18, a car original to Dr. Green of San Francisco Jay Leno and Mark Cantor in E-18 Dash of Doble E-18

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   .....Mark Cantor is the SACA Treasurer.
When we spent the day with Jay, he served a picnic lunch and he personally
cooked hamburgers on a grille for 15 of us. His shop has grown to 100,000
square feet, from 30 when I met him years ago.  He truly is a nice guy. 
He now owns 1 Doble, 4 Stanleys, and 1 Baker. 

Allen Blazick

PS The Doble only  took 90 seconds to fire-up, and it ran impeccably.



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