The California Top
by Pat Farrell

Dear Steamer,

Attached is a picture of our Brewster green 1922 Stanley 735 - B. (7 passenger touring)
Has anyone ever seen another model 735 complete with it's California top and sliding glass
windows??? In 1922, Stanley dealers were really pushing the sale of California (non-folding, all
weather) tops with their cars.
This car still has it's original French rolled, straight grained leather upholstery. It has never been
apart to be restored and still has all of it's beveled glass windows. It is loaded with accessories and it is
very original and unrestored for the most part. (New paint in 1954).

Presently, this car is waiting for the delivery of it's new burner. Then a steaming it will go....

From your friend in SSsssteam

1922-735b-2-pat-farrell.JPG (42971 bytes) 1922-735b-pat-farrell.JPG (34851 bytes) 1922-735b-dash-pat-farrell.JPG (29505 bytes)