1913 Waterloo Boy 2 1/2 hp gas engine

Original condition -  Barn fresh

as found  proprietary fuel mixer - all pipe fittings - works great!  original vendors tag waterloo-boy-sept.JPG (237817 bytes)

1912 Waterloo Boy 2 1/2 hp

This engine is 'barn fresh'. It was found 'in the wild' in a collapsed barn in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The skids and fuel tank are rotten, so I am replacing those pieces, but I will be leaving everything else in original condition. 

I oiled it up, worked over the ignitor, replaced some springs, rigged a fuel tank, and soon got it 'chuffin'! 
After a couple of hours running and oiling, it has great compression. 
I need to find some steel wheels, 10"-20"dia,. to make it a portable engine. 

update: found wheels, built a cart, engine skids just fit between the frame rails - perfect! 

John Woodson


Photo soon!

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