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735 Wiring Diagram

by Luke Chaplin

Subject: Wire!
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:18:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Luke Chaplin)
To: jw[at]


Here (below) is the 735 wiring diagram that I worked on. I finally ended up just
redrawing it from scratch so that I could arrange the components on the
diagram more like they are on the car in relation to the harness(did I make
any sense there?). The diagram that I started with showed only one fuse,
but both my cars had two and this is how one of them was wired (the wires
were cut away on the other car). The horn wiring was also shown incorrectly
on the original drawing.

I tried to figure out the color codes on mine but
for the most part the descriptions would go something like "creamy-brownish
with a dark tracer". If you put a questionaire by it, and a link directly
to me like on the other diagram, perhaps somebody will send me the information
and I can add it in

The 740 diagram is almost identical except
for having a three position switch block with two dashlights, burner light,
and pump pit light that have their own switches. Also a connection to the
clock (light? electric clock?). One of my cars has a pump pit light and the
other does not (it may have been removed) so I didn't know wheather or not
to include it (the original diagram did not show it), you could add that to
the questionaire if you put one in.

Well, hope you can make use of this. If you want a 740 diagram also, I can
modify this one to look like it instead of starting over.