Steaming On The Mississippi Tour
by Alan Woolf

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Subject: Wisconsin Steam Car Tour
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 23:03:30
From: "f stanley" <>

Dear John,
The Steaming on the Mississippi Steam Car Tour concluded this past Friday. 
This was a four day tour headquartered in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. 22 
cars participated from 14 states; 20 Stanley's and 2 White's. We took our 
1917 Stanley 730 touring and had four excellent days of driving.

The firing up banquet was held on board the paddlewheeler  Julia Belle Swain
 while we steamed along the Mississippi River. She is one of five steam 
boats remaining on the Mississippi. This was followed by four great days of 
touring in Southwestern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa. A few pictures are 
attached that you may post on your website if you wish.


Alan Woolf