1940 Photos
Peter Turvey

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Subject: Stanley 7644 - 1940 photos
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 16:58:05 EDT
From: PTurvey@aol.com
Dear all 
Thought you would be interested in these 1940s? photos of our Stanley Model 607 - they were sent to me by Graham Brown of Adelaide, Australia - the son of the Rev. Henry Brown who owned the car in Northern Ireland from say the late 1930s until 1951. Two show the car in near original condition, and two as restored by the Rev Brown, taken at some sort of festival about 1950. She is still in the same paint scheme today. One of the c1950 pictures shows part of a road registration number. But the earlier photos show the car without a registration plate, so goodness knows what the original number was. One day I may find out! 

Graham may have some more photos, wait and see. 


Peter Turvey