Stanley 607 &
Puffing Devil & 
SL Merganser 

Photos by Peter Turvey

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Stanley-7644-Harold-Smith.jpg (66860 bytes)

031205 Relined hub brake expanding ring (brake shoes).jpg (46729 bytes)

031205 Rebuilt front axle os kingpin and stub axle.jpg (89155 bytes) 031205 Restored Engine ns.jpg (107653 bytes)   031205 Restored Engine.jpg (118667 bytes)

031205 Rebuilt Axles steering case and engine.jpg (117941 bytes)

031205 Rebuilt front axle ns kingpin and stub axle.jpg (78886 bytes) 031205 Rebuilt steering box rear axle ns  brake gear and part cylinder case.jpg (125463 bytes)
John - the photographs show the engine from Model 607 Stanley 7644, engine serial no. 6-1307, in John Goold's workshop after rebuilding. Note we've kept the original 30 tooth crankshaft gear, but has a new crankshaft and cranks fitted, and the roller bearing guides replaced by plain slides. The other photos show the rear axle - new bearings fitted and seals, but the original rod brake gear retained and rebuilt after advice from the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain who advised against fitting hydraulic brakes. Also detail of Front axle after fitting of new bearings by John Goold. Both axles need final painting, and on the front, grease cups replating.

Some history of the car:     

Stanley steam car model 607 serial number 7644 left the factory in May 1914.

All that is definitely known about it is that during the war the Rev. Henry Brown of the Rectory, Ballygally Co. Antrim Northern Ireland owned it. In December 1951 he sold the car to an English enthusiast Harold Smith from whom we bought it in April 2001.

By then it had been fitted with a Bolsover boiler. Harold was not satisfied with the performance and started to build a Stanley type boiler soon after acquiring the car, but never installed it. The Bolsover boiler was sold back to the Rev. Henry Brown. So we think the car last ran in the early 1950s. For many years it was laid up in a shed at Harold's home, Saddington Hall, Leicestershire England. Sadly, Harold died in December 2001.

It has never been restored until now, and except for the boiler change and a repaint in brown with yellow wheels about 1950, had not been touched except for maintenance. I think there is only one other surviving 4-seater coffin-nosed car that was new into the UK.
Dear all

Thought you would like to see the restored engine and axles of our car, at John Good's workshop nr Bath last month.

The engine is now running for the first time in 50 years or more!

It has been fitted with a completely new crankshaft, new bearings, the block rebored, and new pistons, crossheads and rods fitted. One significant change has been made from original specifications the original roller bearing crossheads and slides have been replaced with plain slides.

The rear axle bearings have been replaced, and modern oil seals fitted. The front axle kingpins have been fitted with modified bearings incorporating a thin roller thrust race, instead of the ordinal cones. Externally, this is hardly noticeable. The mechanical braking system is being retained; brake shoes have been relined, and new brake bands made and lined.

We have now given John the go-ahead to take the car to rolling (and hopefully steaming) chassis stage. The original wheels (which seem to be in good condition) plus all remaining mechanical parts are now in his workshop.

Looks like we will have a steaming chassis this summer, and if we can afford it the car on the road next year.

Happy steaming!              [
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Peter Turvey
Poulton Hill
Wiltshire SN8 1AZ

Tel +44(0) 1672 514 355

Model 607 - October '04 Update

firing-JohnGoolds.jpg (63257 bytes) firing-JustinGoold-Tom.jpg (63180 bytes) JustinGooldready.jpg (74815 bytes) JustinGoold-ready2.jpg (75918 bytes) vanishing up the road-sm.jpg (34507 bytes)

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Thought you'd like to see some pics of the Stanley in steam on Friday 8th October at John Goold's workshop. My son Tom came along and was the first of us to have a ride!

Now I have to find someone to sort the bodywork out & we will have a car fit for the road.

John will be delivering the chassis to us in the middle of next month. It will go straight into store until the body is ready.


Peter Turvey
Poulton Hill
Wiltshire SN8 1AZ


Tervithick Exhibition

Trevithick Puffing Devil 1801 Replica at Kew July 2002 JPEG.jpg (93322 bytes)  Trevithick Puffing Devil 1801 Replica on the move July 2002 JPEG.jpg (46930 bytes)  Trevithick Puffing Devil 1801 Replica  flue end July 2002 JPEG.jpg (65755 bytes)  Trevithick Puffing Devil 1801 Replica  motion July 2002 JPEG.jpg (57255 bytes)

Subject: Steamboating on the Thames, Trevithick Puffing Devil replica
Date:  Sun, 21 Jul 2002 13:33:08 EDT
To:   jw[at] 


The Kew Bridge steam museum at Brentford, West London currently has an exhibition on the life of steam engineer Richard Trevithick - to mark the opening, a replica of his 1801 'Puffing Devil' steam road locomotive was on show — here it is on Saturday 5 July. A most terrifying thing when on the move! It was built by the Trevithick Trust for last year's centenary, and went up Camborne Hill in Cornwall in fine style as per the original.  

 Two stout Cornishmen are required to steer it! You can just see my friend Lesley Withers (manager of Kew Bridge Engines Museum) hanging onto the back like grim death! 

The ride was her treat for the day! She came back covered in smuts & oil drops!

Work on our Stanley Model 607 No. 7644 has been disrupted by a job move to Marlborough, Wiltshire. However a few minutes walk from our new house in the town there is a plaque commemorating steam carriage pioneer Walter Hancock - which seems a good omen.



SL Merganser


Merganser at boathouse July 2002 JPEG.jpg (75170 bytes)  Merganser at Wallingford Bridge July 2002 JPEG.jpg (68347 bytes)  Merganser in boathouse July 2002 JPEG.jpg (94990 bytes)

Thought you would like to see a few pictures of our 18 foot steam launch Merganser (you have already a photo of her machinery). They were taken on Sunday 30 June.

In her boathouse on the River Thames at Wallingford, England, just after pulling off the dust sheets Tied up outside whilst raising steam Going upstream towards Wallingford bridge — with only 40 psi on the gauge, not steaming very well at all!  (I later realigned the blast pipe, she is non-condensing, exhausting up the funnel, and last week was keeping 100psi and more easily for hour after hour.)

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