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Vapor Trails is a place where we share the adventures of various road trips both near and far, 
where a common element among friends is the building of fires, and the boiling of water....................

Road Locomotive - Mark Phillips - Frederick, MD.
The Farrell Museum - Sedro Wooley, WA. - Pat and Merilee Farrell
1911 Stanley Model 72 20hp - Ken Hand
Steam Punk - Kinetic Steam Works - Oakland
Estes Park Centenial - Stanley Hotel - Pat Farell

More Stanley 607  - Peter Turvey
SACA Steam Drags
- Top Eliminator 2003 - Chuk Williams, Jim Tangeman, Art Gardiner 
 Puffing Devil & SL Merganser
- Kew Bridge Steam Museum exhibition of Richard Trevithick by Peter Turvey
Stanleys In The News
- 1924 Stanley - Tom Dawson - Weirs Times - New Hampshire
  by SteamerJohn

1902 Speed Record Holder Replica Car Project 
- Jeff  Theobald
London To Brighton Veteran Car Run  - Steamers
- Photos by Jeff Theobald
1940s Photos
Stanley 607- Peter Turvey
Monroe Tour
- Pat Farrell
New Car - A Brooks Steamer
by Jeff Theobald
1913 Stanley Roadster Rolls Again
   from Pat Farrell
Stanley linked to Chicago Mob, carries survivor to Texas
from T.S. Porter
A Brighton CX
- by Peter Turvey
The Steamer Tahoe
a model engineering project by Fred Turner
Sol Duc Hot Springs Washington Steam Car Tour
from Pat Farrell
Mt. Shasta White Steamer Centennial Tour
- from Pat Farrell
1922 Stanley w/California Top - an email w/photos from Pat Farrell
A Brooks Steam Car - Great Fun in the UK!  emails from Jeff Theobald
SS Jeremiah O'Brien 'The Ship That Sails' - The worlds largest steam toy! by John Woodson
A Long Distance Stanley
Updates on Ron Parola's long distance steaming
The Better Vacation, Steaming reflecting on the steam car tour by Pat Farrell
Road Test  with Roger McGuire in Channel Wassons Stanley,  by John Woodson
Fingers and Steam engines, or Bit by The Stanley Bug,     by Christopher Roberts
Steaming Through the Rockies - 1998 Western National Steam Car Tour,  by Pat Farrell
A Sunday Drive  in Chris Roberts 1922 740 E Brougham,    by John Woodson
From Sea To Shining Sea - a short story,  by Pat Farrell about his 1911 model 85
A Story, Not For The Weak - A tour to remember,  by Dan Haynes in 1918 735-B
Dear Folks - from Pat Farrell about Estes Park fun

Photo & History - Historical location of photo - email from Alan Woolf
Mailbag - From visitors and friends.....all about steam

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