Monroe Tour
Pat Farrell 

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Subject: FW: 2001 Monroe tour
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 08:11:11 -0700

Dear Folks,
Just a little note to thank all of you that attended our 5 fun filled days of touring on the 2001 Monroe H.C.C.A. Tour. Also to remind those that are into steam cars, that in September 2002, we will have a repeat performance of the same routes with our steam cars.

The first photo is of the Bush House in the mining town of Index. With over 30 cars on the tour, the views of the cars were almost as good as the countryside. We visited this sleepy little mining town on Monday, the second day of our five day tour.
The second photo, shows some of the ladies on the tour, dressed in their costumes that match the year of car that they drive.

The third photo shows a few of us at the "Big 4 Ice Caves". On Tuesday, the third day of our tour, after viewing the Granite Falls historical museum for a coffe stop, we visited the ice caves . Quite a sight and a new experience to most of the people on our tour. It was a mile hike into the caves from our parking area on well maintained trails. 

We hope to see those with steam cars on the 2002 steam tour, and to again visit these interesting and remote places.


Dear Dick,
Just a few photos of our 2001 Monroe tour this week. Sorry that the photos
of Bud hides his face in the shadows.
Bud tested his low water safety Wednesday morning and it worked fine. Bud
said that he was watching the shadow in the gauge glass and thought that it
was the water level instead of the shadow. All the while, he was by passing
water and eventually the car shut down it's fuel. Refilling his boiler with
water from a nearby water hose, they were quickly on their way again. This
being Bud's first steam car tour, he said he really learned a lot that he
needed to know. The learning curve is tremendous on your first steam car
tour. Ask him how he liked driving our Stanley 606. We went hill climbing.
Our '14 Stanley logged on just at 300 miles on the tour. This will be the
same tour route that we will use in the 2002 Monroe steam car tour. Bud
says, that for the next year's tour, he will be more ready!

>From your friends in SSsssteam,
Pat and Merrily Farrell