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Sol Duc Hot Springs,
 Washington Steam Car Tour

email from Pat Farrell

1912-16-Sol-Duc-Hot-Springs.jpg (87340 bytes)

Stanley Mountain Wagons on post card

Subject: Sol Duc Hot Springs, Washington
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 08:18:58 -0700
From: "Robert Pat Farrell" <>

Dear Steaming Friends,
I have just returned from a weeks long steam car tour on the Olympic
Peninsula and I have turned up some Mountain Wagon history here in the
Northwest. I visited the Sol Duc Hot Springs, located at the West end of
Crescent Lake, and they had lots of history to share. More will follow as I
find the time to collect it and share it with you.
Attached is an original post card from 1914 of what they were doing in 1912
until 1916 when the Hotel burned to the ground and was never rebuilt.
I will be at the Hershey Swap meet. I will arrive Monday Oct. 2nd. I will
see many of you there!
>From your friend in SSsssteam