New Car - A Brooks
Jeff Theobald

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Subject: New Car
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 22:14:32 +0100
From: "Jeff & Pauline Theobald" <>
To: "John Woodson" <jw[at]>

Hi John,
Though you might be interested to hear that I have just got hold of another Brooks, ( Ex Les Schubert ) chassis number 26141, so one of the last cars they made, it arrived yesterday, and we are busy getting all the systems to work, pumped up the boiler and all seems to be well, hope to put a fire in it soon, will keep you informed of progress, all the other cars are running well, except the Keen which is still being worked on, it's beginning to look good now, but it will still be some time before we will be able to test her out, I have attached a couple of pictures for your interest, 

all the best, Jeff.

Hi John,
The new Brooks was sold as being built in 1925, which I think is about right, there may have been a few cars made in 1926, I am not sure, with a late chassis number ( 26141 ) it may have been one of the incomplete cars which were sold at the folding up sale, these were sold for as little as $50.00, at the moment it has a very simple crude open body and seating, which we will change later, I want to get it running and sorted mechanically, before we do any bodywork, today we got it to move itself for the first time in years on compressed air, thanks for posting the info for me, your web page is brilliant and the pictures of my other cars that are on your site, have brought interest from all over the world, a few years ago I completed a rebuild of a 1900 Locomobile for Jim King, this year he decided to sell this car and said that he would like me to have it, so I have attached a picture of another of our fleet for your

all the best, Jeff.