London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

London To Brighton
   Veteran Car Run
2005 ~ 2003 ~ 2002 ~ 2001

Photos by Jeff Theobald

The    London to Brighton - Veteran Car Run 
is to celebrate the raising of the speed limit  for 'light locomotives' 
from 4 miles per hour, to the breath taking speed of 14 miles per hour in November 1896.
The event is open to all motor vehicles (3 wheels or more) built before January 1905.

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~ 2005 ~

Hi John,
            Thought you would like these for the web site, I got a lot of pictures of this years very wet London to Brighton, these pictures are different to those I have used on our site, the details are...

1896 Whitney
 driven by Rick Kenway.

1902 Locomobile
driven by Mrs Kerrie Curry.
1902 White
driven by Bob Dyke
Cars lined up for water
   ~ click images to enlarge ~  
1900 Mobile
driven by John Blackford.
1900 Mobile
driven by Richard Hounslow.
1903 Stanley
driven by Bill rich.
1904 Stanley
driven by Simon Webb.

If you need any more info let me know, all the best, Jeff.


Jeff Theobald,
The Steam Car Club of Great Britain,
Marston Lodge,
Weydown Road,
GU27 1BT.
U.K.                      Telephone 01428 654331

Official Website of The Royal Automobile Club - Click for info  


~ 2003 ~

Hi John- are some pictures from our personal adventure - Jeff

dark.jpg (140468 bytes)    Getting up steam before day break in Hyde Park
 b1.JPG (103111 bytes)   Out in the countryside
   b2.JPG (99581 bytes)
b4.JPG (102811 bytes)   Water stop, oiled up, checked over, and ready for the last stage
 b5.JPG (71037 bytes)   The driver of the car behind is trying to work out why a thick fog has descended
   b6.JPG (85354 bytes)   The finish in good time!!!
b7.JPG (76646 bytes)   Cars jostling for position on one of the hills
b8.JPG (151438 bytes)   

   Cars climbing one of the bad hills get held up by slower drivers



  Here are a few pictures I got of unusual headlamps and an oil side lamp just after day break at the start in Hyde Park

       lamp1.JPG (48913 bytes)   lamp3.JPG (57720 bytes)  lamp2.JPG (82227 bytes)



~ 2002 ~

Hi John,

After a week of rain, gales, and horrible weather, we woke to a lovely sunny morning on Sunday the 3rd of November 2002, although it doesn't seem five minutes ago since the last one, we set off for yet another London to Brighton run, here are a number of pictures of the steamers running this year...... 

~  Click photos to enlarge ~

Whiney.jpg (55946 bytes)  Mike Mutters setting off in his 1896 Whitney on the next leg of the run....
  Leaping-flames-from-Whitney-burner.jpg (63300 bytes)  The Whitney burner has a habit of letting the fire out of it's casing!!!!
    Very-Smart-Locomobile.jpg (61040 bytes)  This was a very smart 1899 Locomobile......
1900-Serpollet-at-speed.jpg (40938 bytes)   Mr Dales 1900 Serpollet at speed...
  Locomobile-Leaking-bad.jpg (48245 bytes) Although Richard Hounslow's Locomobile was leaking water out of the  burner, it still got underway again!!
    CX-going-strong.jpg (51867 bytes)    You may remember the pictures that Peter Turvey sent you of a 1903 Stanley CX being pull from long time storage. Well here it is after full restoration, at speed climbing a long hill...
Milwaukee-going-strong.jpg (65066 bytes) A make not seen very often is this Milwaukee, going strong here but it did have boiler problems later on...
  Simon-Webb-on-the-next-leg.jpg (53774 bytes) Here goes Simon Webb in his CX on the next leg after a water stop at The Steam Car Club pull in...
    Traffic-jam.jpg (44119 bytes)    And lastly, it's not often you see this sort of traffic jam!!

~ 2001 ~

Click photos to enlarge                        

Richard-Houndslow-Locomobile.jpg (54169 bytes)Bob-Ward-Locomobile.jpg (63445 bytes)Stuart-Gray-Stanley-CX.jpg (43029 bytes)

Whitney Pauline & Me.jpg (93185 bytes)

This is Pauline and myself in the Whitney at the beginning of the 1996 centenary Brighton run.

Haydn-Davis-CX-Stanley.jpg (40541 bytes)1896-Whitney.jpg (43701 bytes)Ms-Curry-Locomobile.jpg (54681 bytes)Simon-Web-Stanley-CX.jpg (49994 bytes)


Hi John,
I thought you would be interested in the pictures I took of this years London to Brighton as we were assisting MikeMutters with his 1896 Whitney, you will be pleased to hear that the car made it to Brighton yet again although we did have some problems on the way, it's amazing how with bit's of wire and nuts that are the wrong thread, that hang on well enough to hold a vital part in place, part of a discarded coke can and a lot of ingenuity can get you there, hope you enjoy the pictures, 

all the best, Jeff.

Above are some of the pictures from yesterday...


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