A Long Distance Stanley

by Ron Parola

The following are steam adventure summaries sent in by Ron Parola.
We hope to have some photos of Ron's 735B Touring Car soon. - JW

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Subject:  steam stuff
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 18:53:06 EST
From: RANDRALORAP@aol.com
To: jw[at]stanleysteamers.com


My name is Ron Parola, and I am the owner of a 1922 Stanley ,with
a 30 horse boiler, and it indeed does make a big difference as to
performance, particularly in hilly areas. I've also got a 30 hp grate from John
Gould, which although works well, it has cracked in two
places. I'll deal with that next year.

I have had an alloy condenser made up, after driving across Nevada and Utah.
Come Easter, we are off to Santa Barbara, so we will see how well the condenser works, at least I
can lift it by myself.

Changes for the trip included an electric condenser fan
and taller tires. If all works well, then off to Shasta for the tour.

I think a message space would be nice on this site.

Take care and don"t get scalded.


Subject:  steam stuff
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 22:58:11 EST
From: RANDRALORAP@aol.com
To: jw[at]stanleysteamers.com

Ronald Parola again--

Yes, the condenser is aluminum, and I have added an
electric fan - regular hot rod stuff - check out a Summit Catalog

At the drain pipe at the base, I installed a fan switch which comes
on at about 212F so when steam gets through, the fan will come on. I tried one
at about 185F, but the fan ran too often. I have to admit I`ve got a 12 volt
system (originally just for head lamps, but if you`ve got, it use it) so
electrical accesories are availible.

We (I) do enjoy driving it around and  have had to modify things to make it a bit
more usable in todays traffic. So if you`ve got any questions give me a call , or email (707 5718866) I really
don`t write articles cuz I really don`t think I`ve got a whole lot to say.

Take care,



Subject: steamin
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 21:46:44 EDT
From: RANDRALORAP@aol.com
To: jw[at]stanleysteamers.com

Today being tuesday, we are set to journey far far south in our '22 Stanley.
Far, far being Santa Barbara from Geyserville, Cal. a distance of about 900
miles round trip. We are leaving tomorrow and hope to arrive in about three
days, taking Highway 1.

I am hoping to be stuck behind an old VW bus so
everyone won't get mad at us. We will be gone 2 weeks, and will let you
know how it went, when and if we make it back.

Ron Parola


Subject:  steamin
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 22:04:01 EDT
From: RANDRALORAP@aol.com
To: jw[at]stanleysteamers.com

Made it back from Santa Barbara un-scalded, with just a few minor repairs
needed. Of course the Bourdon boiler sprung another leak, but not enough to
matter, just enough to blow out the pilot at times. Will drop the burner next week
to check it out (anything good known about Windslow type boilers?) Also a bolt
fell out of the rear perch pole (my fault, didn't  re-tighten it after removal),
but repairs were affected after lunch at Pismo Beach.

Hwy 1 is closed for up to an hour at Lucia, so be prepared to wait. Go view though, and only one
teenager got mad at us for going too slow on Hwy 1, ......not bad.

The taller tires fitted (33x5) did their job, cruise speed is now in the 45 to 55 range (flat
land only) and hill climbing is still ok. I will make a new pump drive gear
because they now pump too slow for going up hills.

We did go to Lotusland and were invited to park at the main house (I grew up there and knew Ganna Walska,
that and fifty cents will get you a cup of coffee).

Photos might follow. We will see what came out, and what gets sent to us.

Next step ; 55 to 60 cruise.

Take care,

R Parola.


Subject: Re: steamin
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 21:29:27 EDT
From: RANDRALORAP@aol.com
To: jw[at]stanleysteamers.com

John, no I don't mind if things get published nor do I mind if my address
gets out. I can't believe there is too much steam junk mail out there and all
steam folks seem to be quite pleasant .

As I mentioned I pulled out pump drive and found drive rod slightly bent so
will straighten it and of to the gear monger Friday, I think two teeth less (driven gear)
will do the job. Still waiting for my friction shocks for the front end, it does bound around
alot around 60, we did hit 65 once and keeping it straight was a job, the
wife urged caution, so slower we went.

Take care R Parola


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