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Mt Shasta White Steamer Centennial Tour

from Pat Farrell

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Mt. Shasta White Steamer Centennial Tour
photo by Pat Farrell

Dear Friends,

From August 13th through August 18th, 18 Cars attended the "Oughty Ought
Ought Mt. Shasta White Centennial Tour".
Steady sunshine the whole 6 days was welcomed by all. Only two cars, that
were busy with other things, didn't get into our Wednesday group photo.

What did we like best?
*Seeing our steam friends again and touring with them.
*Touring over the Mountain pass to Etna. 140 miles on that day.
*Siphoning water out of the river and irrigation ditches.
*Touring on less traveled roads and over the "mountain goat trail" to

By the end of the steam tour we had put on a little over 400 miles on our
'14 Stanley. There were a few lost souls that managed to put on more miles
than us but they had fun doing it!

Cars and owners that attended the tour:

1907 Stanley EX, Ken Foster
1909 Stanley Model R Sue Davis
1910 Stanley Model 61 Bob Ingwersen
1910 Stanley Model 71 Mike Simpson
1910 Stanley Model 71 Fran Duveneck
1911 Stanley Model 62 Vern Wellburn
1914 Stanley Model 606 Pat Farrell
1919 Stanley 735 B Touring Dick Moore
1922 Stanley Model 740 " Ron Parola
1922 Stanley 740 Brougham Chris Roberts
1924 Stanley Model 750Touring Channell Wasson
1909 White Model O roadster Nick Howell
1910 White Model OO Touring Jim Crank
1910 White OO " Leon Hand
1909 White O " Ryan Thurber
1909 White Model M " Ron Thurber
1906 White Model F " Jon Gurney
1910 White Model OO " Rob Williams

Many thanks go Nick and Hazel Howell, and Mike and Sarah Simpson for the
hard work and planning that they put in to pull this tour off.

>From your friend in SSsssteam