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Photo & History - an email

Alan Woolf

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Dear John,
Attached are the pictures of our Stanley which I promised sometime back.
The first picture was taken in Newton Massachusetts just around the corner
from the Stanley factory. The occasion was the 100th anniversary of the
Stanley Motor Carriage Company in June of 1997. I am the passenger and my
father Ray is the driver. The significance of the location is the house in
the background. F.E. and F.O. Stanley used this location to take a picture
of their first car in 1897 and again in 1917 with a new Stanley Model 730
seven passenger touring. You may have seen these pictures. They appear in
some of the Stanley literature. We have a 1917 sales brochure which
features these two photos. The second picture was taken on the 1997
Massachusetts steam car tour. The two ladies pictured with our 1917 Stanley
are Sara Stanley on the left and her sister Constance. They are direct
descendants of one of the Stanley brothers. Which one escapes me as I write
this. One interesting side note is that Sara Stanley is now married to Don
Davidson who is also a Stanley owner.

As for the car it is a 1917 model 730 five passenger touring. We have owned
the car since 1984 and steamed around 12,000 miles in it. We can trace the
history of the car back into the 1950's. Back to that time the car was in
Atlanta, GA but we don't know its history prior to that time. We have done
a lot of work on the car mechanically (a former owner burned the boiler) but
other than a new top and some touch up painting it appears as it did when we
bought it.

I hope you can do something with the photos.

Happy New Year and Happy Steaming,

Alan Woolf

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