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Subject: Brooks Steam Cars
Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 09:04:51 +0100
From: "Jeff & Pauline Theobald" <>
To: <jw[at]>

Hi Mr Woodson,
I have been passed on your email address, by Pat Farrell, I understand you have an interest in BROOKS steam
cars, I have owned one of these cars ( chassis No 26102 ) for a number of years now and we have great fun with it, as far as we know the only other car which is used, belongs to Richard Roberts ( chassis No 26065 ) let me know what your interest is and we will see if we can help, I have attached a picture of my car and myself for your interest.

all the best, Jeff Theobald.


Subject: Brooks Steam Car
Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 14:04:01 +0100
From: "Jeff & Pauline Theobald" <>
To: "John Woodson ( Steam )" <jw[at]>

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply and the info included, which I have found very interesting, I have three steam cars at the moment, my Brooks is registered 1924 but I think you are correct with 1925, but it is very complicated to get things changed here in the U.K. the general layout of the Brooks was almost the same as late model Stanley's, the engine is 4" X 4.5" to Brooks design a very strong well made engine, with a 20" boiler which is not big enough for such a heavy car, so it is a real challenge to keep steam around 500lbs, during the time I have owned this
car we have been restoring as we use it, this winter we have put in a complete new interior, the next job is a new fire box and burner plate which I have just had a six cast.

I also own a 1908 Stanley E.X. chassis number 4036 this is the car once owned by Rev Stanley Ellis, the car is in good condition and we use it when ever weather permits, I am very pleased that my son has taken it under his wing  and has learnt to drive it very well.

My latest steam car is the Keen Steamliner prototype number 1, which was also owned at one time by Rev Ellis, we are still in the process of a complete restoration, and hope to have it going later this year. I have attached some more pictures for you. The first contact from Pat Farrell was in reference to someone over here looking for help with a Stanley, do pass on my email address, as I would be only too pleased to help, I am also looking to exchange all or some of the cars listed for a steamer, preferably large open tourer, I have a........1960 series
one E type Jag F.H. coupe in first class condition, ..........1971 1275 Mini Cooper in first class condition,..............1939 Buick straight eight Saloon in good condition,.......1956 Triumph Bonniville 650 c.c. in excellent condition,...........and many other items of interest which I would exchange for the right car.

I hope all of this ramble is of interest, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

all the best, Jeff.

1908EXJeffTheobald.jpg (44382 bytes) 1908EX-JeffTheobald2.jpg (79508 bytes) KeenSteamliner-JeffTheobald.jpg (52234 bytes) JeffTheobald-Brooks.jpg (68557 bytes) 1924Brooks-JeffTheobald.jpg (78424 bytes)


Subject: Dates
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 03:02:31 +0100
From: "Jeff & Pauline Theobald" <>
To: "John Woodson \( Steam \)" jw[at]

Hi John,

I have updated my computer for you, I usually keep it thinking it's 1995, as then all the anti virus program's run OK. The Sony Mavica belongs to a friend of mine, he lets me use it if I want to email pictures. Please do include my email address, as it may bring some more information on my cars, I have been trying to find out who owned, and where my Brooks and the Keen where, whilst they lived in the States.

Yes the Stanley E.X. is fitted with a Boa Constrictor bulb horn which were made in G.B. It has a small steam pipe brought up to the mouth to frighten small sticky fingers away from the brass, there was another car fitted with the same idea here in the U.K. I don't know who did it first, but it looks great, and is known as the Hissing Serpent. Next time I have her in steam I will get some pictures of it in action for you. With luck, this weekend, if the weather gets better.  It's been pouring with rain here for days, but the forecast is better now. We only have the blinds and
carpet's to make to complete the Brooks, and are eager to be steaming again.

All the best, Jeff

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