bearing failure detail
2 piece connecting rod
20hp condensing car
repairs by Chris Roberts
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photos by John Woodson

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engdrawing.JPG (27623 bytes) badwristpin.jpg (64743 bytes) goodbadcrossheads.jpg (100244 bytes)
rodassmbly.JPG (18692 bytes)

crossheadrods.jpg (91882 bytes)
piston rod hard chromed & ground to size for good packing gland seal

crossheadtaper.jpg (68899 bytes)

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crank1.jpg (25012 bytes) crank2.jpg (27495 bytes)
cyl1.jpg (24715 bytes) throw1.jpg (21460 bytes)

valvechest.JPG (56277 bytes)

enginetop.JPG (49678 bytes)
valvechestclose.JPG (41402 bytes) crank&rods.JPG (44850 bytes)

Valve refacing job required due to loss of lubrication
Repairs are made, Assembly complete, adjustments and installation next


ringgear.jpg (37406 bytes)
ring gear/engine frame rod
attachment holes

gendrive.jpg (27821 bytes)
generator drive

engset2.jpg (45338 bytes)
engine installed

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