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SteamCon I

 I attended 'SteamCon I' [seems like an appropriate short name] on Friday and Saturday. It was presented by SACA and IAASP [International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power, founder- Dennis Dudzik] This is a very  interesting group with enormous combined background, providing diverse experience and presentations.


The Cyclone Power technology developments seem to form the core of new optimism for transportable modern steam power. Harry Schoell CEO/inventor and Frankie Fruge COO are most friendly, accommodating, full of energy and enthusiasm.
Tom Kimmel, SACA President, displayed a large personal library of steam topic material for browsing, and he presented a slide show of SACA activities with many familiar names, faces and projects. 
Bruce Hepler and Jim Tangeman brought their home-engineered steam traction engines, ...and a very fine Prescott steam buggy was also present on display.

-- Cyclone Power and Chuk Williams have recently split with both teams fielding attempts in pursuit of a Steam LSR  car--  the following info is outdated but included for reference purposes --
Chuk Williams' Steam Land Speed Record car seems quite well planned with outstanding fit and finish, and it IS the star of the show. The Cyclone Mark 5 engine installation has found an excellent forum to demonstrate it's potential, with a huge audience awaiting performance trials of this debutante clean, green multifuel powerplant.

The Cyclone Mark 5 will be a crate engine designed for installation in a passenger car. It fills the space nicely, and makes the car look very promising, professional and complete. The final drive is via dual timing belts at 1:1 ratio overall. It has no transmission or clutch as the Cyclone engine will produce 850lb of self-starting torque.  Engine rpm equals wheel rpm. 2500 rpm is required to exceed the existing Steam Land Speed Record of 148.308 mph set by the British Steam Car Challenge Team in 2009.


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Rolly's EX Build Page - CAD Drawings - Photos
~ click photo for Rolly's EX Build ~


White Burner - Slitting Saw Setup
Photos by Bill
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White Steamer burner grate slotting setup  White Steamer burner grate  White Steamer burner grate - slotted

Apple Cutout

John Buscher

December 29, 2005


Here are my diagrams, wiring for 1917 Stanley and a sketch showing the terminal connections on the bottom of the 
Apple cutout relay. 

The pictures show the version of Apple cutout on my car - just to be sure we are all talking about the same model.

Best Regards,    John Buscher


Custom Engine Frame Rods
by Mike Clark

Hi John,

Here is a picture of the new frame rods I have made for my Stanley Model H engine as referred to on my Steam Gazette posts in the last few days. The engine is now finished and when I have tested it (just got to put it back in the car) I will post some more pictures.

Cheers Mike Clark

frame-rods.JPG (58647 bytes)

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Alma engine
Lamken Valve Gear

Click photo for info

Alma1E.jpg (43847 bytes)

Air/Fuel mixer modifications

Rolly Evans' brass mixer flares

Rolly Evans made beautiful ones machined out of solid brass.
They're just little trumpet flares that reduce the entrance shock losses.
 If you have room, the outer diameter should be at least twice the mixing tube diameter but not crucial. One member went to PEP BOYS and found suitable sizes in their exhaust or manifold section. 

parola-bunsen-boosters.jpg (39045 bytes)
Dual venturi air amplifiers on Ron Parola's 735B
photo by Richard Vennerbeck


gen1.jpg (59447 bytes)
750B condensing car with rear floorboards
removed to reveal rear axle detail

burner1.jpg (47892 bytes)
Ottawa type burner test on low pressure with Maxwell type pilot misbehaving

pilot.jpg (25228 bytes)
Maxwell type pilot

pumpset.jpg (44025 bytes)
Condensing car pump set
Chris Roberts
anchor-rod-in-flu.JPG (63659 bytes) 30hp-firewall.JPG (61006 bytes)
30hp-topsheet.JPG (58010 bytes) mainloop2.JPG (54281 bytes)

piping detail on a 30hp boiler

wrenches.jpg (58409 bytes)
condensing car cylinder wrenches

diagram2.gif (66209 bytes)
-Piping diagram -
Thanks to Luke Chaplin

feed-heater-735.jpg (45314 bytes)

wheelpull.jpg (53228 bytes)

Feed water heater


Stanley Wiring Diagrams
Thanks to Pat Farrell





~  Click images to enlarge  ~


Click for another Wiring diagram ~ 735
Thanks to Luke Chaplin


farell01.jpg (37953 bytes) farrell03.jpg (11639 bytes) farrell02.jpg (39133 bytes)


crackedblock.jpg (20678 bytes) crackedblock2.jpg (29372 bytes)

Cylinder block frame lug crack
Michael Clark

Channels Burner refit
30hp Boiler upgrade
Wrist pin bearing failure

Stanley Production Specifications 1901-1927 new2.gif (128 bytes)

Wiring diagram ~ 735
Warner Speedometer drum - renew numbers
Condensing Stanley Piping Diagram

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