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SL Merganser, Stanley 607, Puffing Devil

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Where Thar Be Steamers



B&W 1999
 B&W 2000
  B&W 2001-Oops! 

The Sacramento River Steamboat Regatta ~ Click for info
   B&W 2002- Attended HotFog Steam Car Tour
    B&W 2003

     Donner Lake 2003
     B&W 2004

      Klamath 2004

B&W 2005
B&W 2006
B&W 2007
        B&W 2008 - Oops!
  Leviathan ~click for Delta News~
Mojo page -1919 Navy Motor Launch -click for info-

Mojo Page

B&W 2005



Steamboats on Donner Lake
   Donner Lake 
~ 2003 ~

Steamboats on the Sacramento River Delta
B&W ~ 2003

SL-Osprey-1902.jpg (68707 bytes)


Steam Launch Shenandoah

1999 - 25th yr
The Great
Sacramento River Delta
Steamboat Regatta

steam boat


    'SteamGazette' Steamboat Forum   

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Leviathan - Navy K- Andy Van Lunnen  Jim Tangeman 

   New Zealand
Steam Scene

cuca1.JPG (42018 bytes) cuca2.JPG (65364 bytes)

Details - Scripps Foundry and Machine 

boiler6.jpg (49038 bytes) 5-2.JPG (55436 bytes)

S/Y Rio Colorado
Scripps Foundry and Machine - details

Photos by John Woodson & Brickner

steam-pinnace.jpg (28063 bytes) vosper-thornycroft.jpg (23628 bytes)

Shenandoah1.JPG (34534 bytes)

leviathan.JPG (51287 bytes)

S/L Shenandoah
Jerry and Phillis Blain
photo by Barbi Smaalders


   steve2.jpg (32643 bytes)  


~Steamboat Links~ bottom of page

Sonor-A1.JPG (70522 bytes)

Sonor-B1.JPG (38893 bytes) Sonor-C1.JPG (31685 bytes)

 Steamboat Sonor - Bath, England - (click for details)


wheelhouse1.jpg (2568 bytes)

26th Regatta - 2000

blain-b&w.JPG (46106 bytes)

Sept 1999 25th yr
The Great
Sacramento River Delta
Steamboat Regatta

obrien.jpg (13075 bytes) crank.jpg (51876 bytes)

The Worlds Largest Steam Toy! -click to see cruise story!


Artemis-underway.JPG (39297 bytes)engine.jpg (35354 bytes)

S/L Artemis
by Ron Fossum


merganser engine jun 99.jpg (29224 bytes) Merganser machinery Jun 99.jpg (46960 bytes)

Lake Windermere steam launch Merganser
by Peter Turvey

sfbay-steamers.jpg (46708 bytes)  A modified 1919 Navy Steam Launch ~~click for info~~ 

8 Paddle Steamers provide transportation on Switzerlands spectacular lakes. * Click for more*
SS Catalina Island Steamship refloat project - click for info



Regatta 2000 photos - see frames captured from this digital video

~Steamboat Links~

webring.gif (5788 bytes)Link to Steamboat Webring
Hobby Steamboater Web Ring - clikit!

Steamboating - for Steamboat owners, builders, and dreamersnew1.gif (159 bytes) Steamboating is back!
Steamboat Renaissance on Richardson Bay [Sausalito]  a wonderful report w/photos by Lauren Williams
Steamboating Online
Books, Classifieds, Newsletter
~ very nice engine site  new2.gif (128 bytes)
AlfredSteamship Co. - Sweden  new2.gif (128 bytes)
Artemis -   26ft steamboat
Steamboat Notes
Northwest Steam Society
Phantom Boats, pop-pop steamers
The Steamboat Association of Great Britain   
The Traditional Boat Shop ~ N. Wales ~ plans, boilers, engines

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