Steam Car Events/Tours

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Recent Events and Tours  1998-2003

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1903 Centennial Auto Race
Ormond Beach, Florida
More photos by George Nutz


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2002 Western National Steam Car
"HOT FOG" Tour

Monroe, Washington


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Australia Steam Tour
"Steaming Down Under 2002"
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2001 London to Brighton 
Veteran Car Run 
click for more pix
Photos by Jeff Theobald


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Silverado Concourse d' Elegance - Mare Island, Ca.
1910 Stanley Model 70 - Jan & Alan Blazick
Photos by Dick Vennerbeck


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Monroe Tour
by Pat Farrell


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Steaming On The Mississippi Tour
by Alan Woolf 


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2001 Steam Car Tour - Mystic, Connecticut
Photos by Mike Zerega


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9 vintage, 1 modern 
2001 SACA  steamers

Chevy S-10 Steamer
Derr boiler - Beckett burner

SACA-NE Steam Car Tour of Merrimack River in NH
photo by George Nutz


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"Oughty Ought Ought"
 Mt. Shasta White Centennial Tour
photo by Pat Farrell   


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