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Land Speed Record

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Cyclone Radial Steam Engine - Paper by Jim Crank

Steam White Papers       'Executive Summary'
James D. Crank  1-16-12 
'Modern Steam'

Rolly's EX BuildRolly's EX - click for info  .....a lot of info - excellent!

1905 Stanley Model E  - FOR SALE
Doble E-23 - James D. Crank - click for more

Steam Speed
Chuk Williams shares the dream


Team Steam Land Speed Record - Cyclone Power
Cyclone Power Land Speeed Record Page

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SteamCon II
Steam meet & Technical Conference
Mar 1-3 2013  at
Aerospace Museum of California
Sacramento, CA.
Presented by SACA & IAASP
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SteamCon I

Steam Land Speed Record car - Cyclone engine  Steamcon I - Steam Technical Conference - SACA

1903 Locomobile - Per Nielsen, Denmark - click for more

1899 Locomobile - Michel Beuvens - Belgium - click for more

Steam Clinic 2011 - Click for info

Jeff Theobald will be deeply missed
by the steam community worldwide

2010 Idaho Steam Car Tour - Pat Farrell Photo - cliclk to enlarge

Stanley  Model 85 - 30hp - click for more
A Handsome Pair


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DVD Video - Green Mountains Steam Car Tour 2008


Cyclone Radial Steam Engine - Paper by Jim Crank

Steam Land Speed Record - USA Team  




Stanley Museum Auction - 7-9-10
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White Steamer burner - slitting saw setup - click for TechPage

Steam Road Locomotive - click for Vapor Trails 1903 Locomobile - Brad Austin - Click for more   Prarie Steamers - Flint Hills Steam Car Tour - click for info 1911 Stanley 7 passenger 30 hp model 85  
Steam Automobile Club of America - SACA - Modern steam car information - meetings, shows, tours!
  The Steam Car Club of Great Britain - Steam Cars and Friends
  Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society - Vintage, Veterans, Classics
    The Virtual Steam Car Museum - Steam car research and resources - Donald Hoke, Dallas, TX.
 Field Steam Bike - Steam Cycle - 1910 Stanley Model 63

Steam Archive II
Feature Photos from '02-'09
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1907 Stanley Model H - Mike Clark - Click image for more

Stanley Steamer Mountain Wagon 826 goes touring ~ click for info

Stanley Steamer EX Stanley Steamer Vaporizing Burner

Steam Archive I
 Feature Photos from 1998-'03
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Jay Leno Stanley Steamer


Photo Album
~200+ photos
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Doble Steam Car

TouringFromNorthToSouth-RHJohnston-01pic1s.jpg (39843 bytes)
      TouringFromNorthToSouth-RHJohnston-01pic2s.jpg (57128 bytes)


From an early travel log
 featuring a 1908 White Model K 30 hp
 steaming  from New York to Savannah Ga.,
 for The Grand Prize Race (motor cars).

Read the article from Travel Magazine 1908 at

        Steam Cylinder Oil & Bearing Lubes - Purchase Online - Fall City, WA.
         2008 Golden Hills of California Steam Car Tour  June 1-6 '08  Sacramento, Ca.
         Steam Automobile Tour and Clinic - The Dalles Oregon - July 20-27  '07
         Rubber parts for restoration custom made - Steamer Parts and Services
         Bentley, Stanley, Buick, Vanderbilt - video clips of excellent old cars and wild rides
         Stanley Land Speed Record Centennial 1906~2006, by Chuk Williams
         100th Anniversary-Mount Washington Hillclimb  February 13 1999, by George K. Nutz 
         1903 Centennial Auto Race - Ormond Beach, Fl.  by George K. Nutz
         Mt. Washington Hill Climb Centennial 36 pix!
         White Steamers pg 17 (23 photos)
         SACA Steam Drags - Danville, Illinois  2003
         Buckeye Steam Tour '06  Berlin, Ohio
         Doble Steamers pg 19 (6 photos) -

Steam Carousel - Photos by C Benson

        Northwest Steam Society- membership's interests include steam: boats, trains, traction engines, stationary equipment, automobiles, and models; the most active being those with steam boats - Jerry Blain makes steam sirens and whistles for steamboats,
         steam cars, and locomotives
      Brickner Guest House and Exotic Animal Ranch  
         Bed & Breakfast in Fredericksburg Texas w/Stanley Steamer rides
      Robert E. Wilhelm's 1918 Model 735B 7-passenger Touring Stanley Steam Car - an excellent research and restoration expose' on the 735 and The Stanley Motor Carriage Co.   John Goold Vintage Steam Restorations
Steam Video - a rockin' 1 minute video in Real Player, best w/DSL
1903 Centennial Auto Race - Ormond Beach, Fl.
Steam Contributors & Web Page Index  
Alma Engine  Lamken valve gear
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      Steam - Papers and Perspectives 

'Executive Summary' - 7-29-2011, James D. Crank
'Modern Steam' - 1-16-2012,  James D. Crank
"Steam Car Dev & Steam Aviation"  Vol. IV. June, 1935, No. 40

"Besler Steam Driven Aeroplane"   June 1934
"Gustave Whitehead's Flying Machine"  ?
"The Steam Separator" Peter Heid  
"The Forgotten Lamont Boiler"  George K. Nutz
"Mt. Washington Hillclimb"  George K. Nutz
"Steam Motor Vehicles" by Abner Doble  - 1916
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      The Steam Car Club of Great Britain


2003 London to Brighton Steam Cars   photos by Jeff Theobald
        Stanley Sightings - Stanleys are where you find them ~
Mt. Washington Hill Climb Centennial 36 pix!
      Photos of a  20hp burner refit  ~   Photos of a 30hp boiler/burner upgrade
      What is a Stanley Steamer? - excellent website showing a basic working relationship of the major systems of a 1918 735 condensing car

The Stanley Museum

Steamboat Regatta 2000 - 42 photos added May 14 '01
      Steamboats Scrapbook - Some details of featured boats
      White Steamer web site
      The SS Jeremiah O'Brien liberty ship
STEAM land Speed Record - The British Steam Car Challenge
      Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engines




Making Wooden Wheels - Ford Motor Co. 1918
  Click Here for Steam Video and streaming video previews
    Mojo & Pirate Ship Pegasus on the Moke

   Antique wood boat video -  Hicks Engine  Mojo on Sandmound Slough

Waterloo Boy Gas Engine - Hit and Miss Governor                   Make and Break ignition

Jost Hot Air Fan - tin base - Radio Fan


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